Kinematus (v0.3805)

Kinematus is an android game that I am creating for android using processing. The game consists of the character (a red ball) bouncing and rolling through the platformer-like levels the main difference between Kinematus and other similar games is that in Kinematus the player can not jump on their own, which makes it harder as bouncing is only possible with a bounce pad. The game is not yet complete, and has eleven levels to date, thus it is not yet released on the google play store. My plans for the future versionsĀ of this game are:
-Level select menu
-more levels
-moving platforms

Screenshot_20160612-150134[1] Screenshot_20160612-150115[1] Screenshot_20160612-145936[1] Screenshot_20160612-145924[1] Screenshot_20160612-103559[1]