AI chess (beta v0.3)

This AI chess application the I am making using java will be my final computer science project for grade twelve I am calling it “shallow green” (a spoof of deep blue), it is still in progress, and lacks things such as a user interface. At the moment, the AI can play chess at a basic level, and does not take much skill to beat. There is no user interface, so when the game is over, it simply stops you from making a move (is the application freezes that’s probably why). Also, the save and quit button works, but the application is unable to reload the game from a save, so it will just end the game. The application is customizable, by editing “data/” in notepad. The first line chooses the piece image folder for the computer (black or white, or create your piece images). The second line controls full-screen mode (true/false) (although there is not a proper way to exit the application in full-screen, so it is advised that you stay in windowed mode). the next six lines are RGB colour values for the tiles (0-255 for each red green and blue). And the final line of the “” file controls tile highlighting (shows tiles that are valid moves, where enemy piece moved from etc.). If you have any ideas or feedback¬† for the future of the application please comment below, and I will get back to you.
Have fun playing AI chess!

current version: beta 0.3

Future plans:
-user interface (settings, win/lose, home screen)
-more piece sets
-better AI
-improved piece images (higher resolution, better outlines)
-centre game in maximized windows
-custom board layout (placing pieces wherever you want before starting the game)

download for windows (other OS’s will need alternatives to “run.bat”)

AI chess