the toilet game

A friend asked me to make them a game called “the toilet game” with a somewhat immature theme of whack-a-mole with toilets for their father. So I decided to attempt to code the entire thing on a plane flight, and I managed to get the basic framework of it done, and I had to finish all of the other features, and complete it later.

The premise of the game is to unblock the toilets before they are broken, more toilets are constantly added (until the maximum 144 toilets is reached), and a random amount of toilets are blocked every few seconds. You have a limited supply of “golden plungers” which can fix toilets, and when all of the toilets are broken, you lose.

If you would like Linux version, please ask, and I will compile one.

the toilet game

view source code (processing)

download (windows 32 bit)
download (windows 64 bit)
download (mac)